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You’re running an event and you need to ensure that everyone involved (sponsors, broadcasters, venue, crew, hosts) is on the same page. Look no further for the help you need.

I’ve worked on many large events, such as the Canadian Screen Awards, national music awards shows, and a multi-city New Year’s Eve Special for Canada’s 150th anniversary. I speak your language, and will get all of the moving parts into your contracts to help things run smoothly.

Here are just a few of the matters and contracts that I can help you negotiate and draft:

  • when partnering with other stakeholders, for each stage of the event (red carpet, pre-show, show, post-show),
    (1) what is the consultation/approval process regarding matters such as schedules, rundown, design, scripts
    (2) who will be responsible for what areas of production
    (3) what is the budget consultation/approval process
    (4) what are the stakeholders’ promotional needs
    (5) which media companies have which broadcast rights and windows
  • how will you manage press coverage
  • sponsorship contracts
  • host contracts, crew deals
  • brand protection
  • technical needs of production


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